Two Way Text Messaging for PT Clinics: New Advancements

December 15

It is fairly well established within the medical community at this point that the best way for practices to maintain contact with their patients is through text messaging. But not all text platforms are created equal. In fact, many of the text systems used by both physical therapy clinics and medical practices could be described as out of date because they only offer one way texting capability. In this video, PatientStudio project manager Derek Sanborn discusses the importance of two way text messaging for patient communication as well as the impact a quality text platform can have on patient reminders, scheduling and office alerts. 

Two Ways is Better than One

The revolution that appointment reminders via text messaging caused in the practice of therapy and medicine was substantial. A practice functions best when patients can be made aware of their appointments and either keep them or cancel and reschedule in a timely manner. In the past this presented a problem because it was often difficult to contact patients through either phone calls or emails. About ten years ago it became possible to text patients appointment reminders directly through their mobile phones and as a result the rate of missed appointments decreased in the vast majority of medical practices.

Since that time, technology has continued to improve so that it is possible to not only text a patient a reminder, but also have them respond back and carry on a conversation through two way text messaging. Not all practices who were early adopters of one way text messaging technology have progressed to this next level of functionality. It makes logical sense to anyone with a mobile phone that the best way to keep in contact with a patient is through text messaging and that the reciprocal is true; the best way for a patient to keep in touch with your office is through this same channel of texting. PatientStudio has taken this important piece of modern technology and integrated it into our all in one platform so that office staff can communicate with patients and follow up on that communication all in one place. 

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders via text message are much more effective than any other available option because people tend to have their phones available and have been conditioned to respond to text messages over the last few years. That said, the response part of this conditioning is what makes a system like PatientStudio so much more effective than its predecessors. The ability to continue the conversation directly via text makes it much easier, and therefore more likely, for patients to respond to appointment reminders. 

With an all in one therapy practice management tool like the one provided by PatientStudio, office staff can quickly and efficiently dialogue with patients about their appointments directly within the platform. Confirmations by patients are much more solid, and any adjustments or rescheduling that needs to occur can be accomplished instantaneously. 

Two Way Texting can increase therapy practice revenue
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Scheduling via Text Message

As we have discussed throughout this series, and as you undoubtedly agree, an accurate schedule is imperative to a smooth day at any physical therapy or medical practice. Perhaps even more important than an accurate schedule for practice success and growth though is a full schedule. 

Because of two way texting, staff can be made aware of openings in the schedule as they happen. As Derek mentioned in the video, it is essential in today’s medical and referral market for practices to be proactive in acquiring new patients. Any time a prospective patient either receives a referral from another practitioner, or inquires about your practice through avenues like your website it is essential to reach out and make first contact. Because text messaging has been shown to be the most effective and preferred method of communication by patients, it is likely the best way to begin to develop a relationship with these individuals. As a result, not only will existing patients retain a high level of satisfaction with the practice, but new patients will also be filling the clinic schedule.

Office Alerts with Two Way Texting

The two way texting offered by PatientStudio isn’t just an asset in external communication, but can be utilized from staff to staff and lead to a much more communicative and cohesive clinic. Because all staff can be added as users of the same text messaging group, it is simple and efficient to dialogue with the entire practice or just one member at a time all from the PatientStudio portal. There is no need to store and organize the phone numbers of each provider and employee. Nor is it necessary to compile groups for messaging and reorganize every time a new member joins the team or someone leaves to pursue other career opportunities. 

PatientStudio opens the lines of communication for your physical therapy practice with an integrated two way text messaging system that is modern, efficient and cutting edge. Keep your patient satisfaction high, the practice schedule full and your staff happy all with one physical therapy practice management system. 

Check back in next week as we continue our video explainer series when Derek will discuss the easy ways in which you can conduct an electronic eligibility check using PatientStudio.

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