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Two way Texting 

The PatientStudio practice management software allows for easy texting and communication with patients through two-way texting. Efficiently reach out and respond to patient concerns, without playing phone tag.

Message Center

Stay in touch with patients with PatientStudio's two-way SMS capabilities. Manage it all from our clean and simple interface that will automatically display key information about the patient and their appointments.

Historically, front office staff spent hours a day placing and fielding calls from patients regarding appointment reminders, scheduling concerns, and any number of other issues that took staff away from more important tasks. Our two way text messaging system allows the front office to connect with patients, in a manner that they prefer, while still maintaining HIPAA compliance. 

Several studies have shown that text messaging is by far the preferred method of communication for people when dealing with a business. In fact, nine out of ten participants in a recent study stated emphatically that they would much rather receive a text message from a business office than answer a phone call. In addition, the same study found that eight in ten participants preferred to respond to businesses they dealt with through text messaging as opposed to placing a phone call to communicate.

Patient experience is one of the most critical components of any practice management system, but through the use of two way text messaging, office staff are relieved of the responsibility of constantly placing phone calls to confirm or reschedule appointments. Through our integrated text messaging system, patients will be much more likely to either respond to communication or reschedule in a timely manner and office staff will be much more efficient throughout the day.

Text Patients To Fill Your Calendar

Got a last minute opening you need filled? Now you can use PatientStudio to text your waitlist to fill last minute openings. Once you text your waitlisted patients the recipients can simply reply back to your text directly or contact your office.

View the schedule and SMS conversations at the same time, so that when a patient confirms, cancels, or reschedules via text message it is a simple and fast process to update the practice calendar. Likewise, if a client relays a concern or question, those messages can be easily transferred to the EMR or clinical note system prepared for your practice.

Track Conversations 

Through PatientStudio each client of the practice has a patient profile which is accessible by all users.  When any correspondence occurs with a patient via our two way text messaging app, those conversations, notes, patient intake forms, medical history information, appointments or insurance information are automatically recorded in their patient profile. 

This functionality makes organization easy and intuitive for the front office staff.  PatientStudio allows therapists, medical providers, and other health professionals to securely store patient information and conversations. 

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