A Revolution in Therapy Management: Medical Computer Systems

Andrea Ryan
June 29, 2021

When running a therapy practice, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the paperwork and administrative tasks that come with operating a business. This is where medical computer systems come in handy. There are many benefits to using these systems, including more efficient data management, reduced costs for office space and equipment, increased revenue by better serving clients, and much more! This blog post will discuss how the newest technological advances in online patient management can help increase efficiency across your entire therapy practice.

Say goodbye to paper forms!

Historically, medical and therapy offices of all kinds have been reliant on massive amounts of paper forms to track and document each of their clients. Medical records, intake forms, disability assessments- these are all just a few of the paper forms that therapists and healthcare offices have had to keep up with.

This traditional system has left many office managers feeling overwhelmed by all of the paperwork and administrative tasks necessary to operate a successful business in today’s fast-paced world. However thanks to online patient management software that has been developed over the past few years, and continues to be perfected, most if not all of the patient management necessary to run a successful practice can be conducted online.

Patient intake forms and insurance eligibility paperwork necessary when a new patient had a first appointment are extensive in most practices. By employing a medical computer system that has the capability for online patient forms, the need for copying, data entry, filing and many more menial and time-consuming tasks is eliminated.

Another administrative task that can take time and energy is the generation and administration of medical records. Because each provider in a practice may choose to utilize a different type of therapy practice note system, it can be tedious for office staff to generate, sort, and ultimately translate each of these disparate evaluations and notes for billing purposes. The newest versions of therapy practice management software can not only generate fully customized therapy notes for each therapist These therapy EMR systems automatically update  any changes in patient medical history or demographic information and can easily be used to generate insurance claims.

No more filing cabinets!

Because with medical computer systems most patient management documentation is online, operating costs of therapy or medical practice is dramatically reduced because the need for massive filing systems is completely eliminated.

The amount of office space and storage area that is required to house all of the hard records of every patient in a busy practice is staggering. Not to mention the expense required to maintain it all. The sheer man hours necessary to file, check, retrieve, and refile each patient record is astronomical. By extension, the cost to pay a skilled employee to perform this menial task is wasted revenue.

Medical filing can be a thing of the past when you use a medical computer system like PatientStudio to manage all your patient data.

Convenience is a virtue!

There are many instances in which a patient needs a provider to transfer their medical files to another practice or office. Whether the patient has moved, is seeing a new therapist, or needs to get a referral, transferring sensitive medical data can be time consuming and tedious. Copying all files and either packaging them up to be sent by mail or messenger or even faxing them to another location can waste time and energy and money.

With this type of computer system, medical records can be delivered to any authorized practitioner at the click of a button, from an office in New York to one in Chicago or London-without getting on an airplane!

And because these are digital documents and not paper files they’re always available when you need them. No more evening or weekend trips to the office to retrieve a patient file that you meant to take with you over the weekend. All patient records can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world simply by signing in to the completely secure patient management software system.

Better service to clients!

It is a proven fact that in many ways therapy practice is a customer service industry. Clients can choose to keep coming back to a place where they have received quality treatment or look elsewhere for care if they are not happy with the service they receive in an office. Creating an easy and welcoming environment for patients is essential to retaining their business over the long term.

Good patient care starts in the waiting room! And to expand on that statement, no one likes to spend time in a medical waiting room. With a medical computer system, time spent in the waiting room can be dramatically reduced if not eliminated entirely.

Online patient forms that are completely HIPAA compliant allows patients to have access to intake forms prior to their visit from the comfort of their own homes. Also, because with systems like PatientStudio patient data automatically updates to the EMR, there is no need for a patient to wait around reading a magazine while front office staff scrambles to input data into a patient record system.

An office that is paperless thanks to a high-quality medical computer system is much more efficient, and therefore appointment times can be better adhered to throughout the day. Clients can be seen at or very near their actual appointment time.

Online therapy practice management software has truly revolutionized the way in which clinics can operate. The advances in technology targeted at streamlining and integrating the workflow of a therapy practice have improved the efficiency and bottom line of the offices that have implemented medical computer systems. Finding the best and most advanced software is essential to a successful practice, and can make a huge difference in the morale of the office, the cost of administration, and the overall revenue of your business. Still working in an old school system, or curious about the advances that have been made in just the last few years, schedule a free demo with PatientStudio and prepare to be amazed at the jobs a medical computer system can take away from you and your staff.


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