Where do you Find Newsletter Articles?

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Newsletters can be a powerful marketing tool for your healthcare practice, but can be costly and time consuming – especially when it comes to writing articles and setting up the newsletter.

PatientStudio’s automated eNewsletter, that is sent the first week of each month, has solved these problems. While sold as a stand-alone service, it is included at no charge for clients of PatientStudio online forms.

Consistency and regularity are two important factors in marketing and advertising. Printing and monthly mailing of full color newsletters becomes prohibitive for most practices. And to make matters worse, most practitioners and staff don’t have the skills, inclination or time to write effective and informative articles.

PatientStudio provides our clients with a comprehensive dental and chiropractic library of categorized pre-written articles complete with appropriate photos. The articles can be reviewed in the PatientStudio app before publication, and choosing articles is as simple as clicking on “add article.”

Dental Library Categories – Children, Cosmetic, Headaches/TMJ, Holistic, Implants, Miscellaneous Dental, Miscellaneous Non-Dental, Nutrition, Oral Conditions, Orthodontics, Patient Comfort, Prevention and Technology.

Chiropractic Library Categories – At Home, Fitness, In the Work Place, Miscellaneous-Non Chiropractic, Miscellaneous Treatment, Nutrition, Parents & Children, Seniors, Specific Conditions, Spinal Health and Women.

Also included is a separate Holiday Library. Every month has from 1-3 major holidays. These “articles” consist of well wishes from the office to its patients highlighted by a beautiful graphic. Each article has a specific link to Wikipedia online so the reader can learn about the history and traditions of that holiday. The office can use any combination of holidays in the eNewsletter as they wish.

Lastly, PatientStudio’s Internet Newsletter has a Private Library wherein articles and promotions written by the practice can be stored and utilized in the newsletter. For promotion ideas read our newsletter white paper found here.


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