Our Practice Needs To...

Eliminate Data Entry

Typing out patient info, data and notes one by one?

Integrate Softwares 

Using many different tools that will not sync together? 

Go Paperless

Paper, clipboards and file cabinets slowing you down?

Boost Revenue

Could be doing better with claims and A/R?

What we do

Eliminate data entry and extra work. 

Antiquated softwares require you to type one patient in after another, document notes from scratch and even fax information to get paid.  Stop wasting time with manual and repetitive tasks like data entry, scanning and shredding. Watch patient data flow from intake forms to charting and claims.

Integrate and consolidate softwares 

Instead of using several outdated softwares that lack integration... why not just use a single "all-in-one" platform?

Go Paperless

Paper will slow down your process everywhere it's used. Ditch your clipboards and file cabinets for a more modern office experience.  Streamline your processes with digital patient forms, electronic medical records and digital claim submission.

More Profits

Regardless if billing is handled in-house or you want our team of experts to do it for you... Our integrated solutions will help you to boost your revenue per visit, improve clean claim submission rate and get you paid faster.  

Get Started

Schedule your demo to get started with PatientStudio.  Speak with a member of our team to get your questions answered and personalized tour of PatientStudio.