6 ways Two-Way Texting Can Increase Your Therapy Business’s Revenue

Liza Shishido
May 26, 2021

According to industry experts, revenue processes are shifting from a payment-focused system to a value-focused system. This makes it more important than ever for U.S. healthcare professionals to find viable solutions for their therapy practice management. Businesses such as yours will have to balance the tasks of improving the quality of patients’ treatment while ensuring proper payment for appointments. 

The PatientStudio patient management system creates an easy solution for you as you transition to a value-focused approach to healthcare. Our all-in-one software allows you to streamline the intake process, record session notes, and track progress, ensuring that you maximize the success of patient outcomes. 

To guarantee success, it is important that you engage with your clients so that their treatment immediately focuses on ongoing concerns. In the traditional therapy office environment, staff spend much of their time entering patient data, submitting insurance claims, and making phone calls to patients, other providers and specialists, or other parties of interest. The job of handling phone calls can take several hours for administrative staff, preventing them from completing other tasks that can improve healthcare treatment for your patients. 

One major aspect of our software is the ability to send SMS messages through the same platform where you manage patient records. Research studies have shown that 9 out of 10 participants reported that they would rather receive an SMS message than answer a phone call. 

By using our integrated two-way texting technology, you can improve client engagement and ensure better patient outcomes. This feature creates an efficient and effective way for your business to communicate with your current and prospective patients while remaining HIPAA compliant. By ensuring that you continue to expand and maintain your clientele, you are able to increase revenue. 

Our integrated two-way texting technology allows you to contact your clients within the same platform you use for patient management. This feature creates an efficient and effective way for your business to communicate with your current and prospective patients while boosting client satisfaction. By ensuring that you continue to expand and maintain your clientele, you are able to increase revenue. 

Two Way Texting can increase therapy practice revenue

Here are 6 ways that PatientStudio can help you:

1. Avoid missed appointments through SMS.

According to market research, text messages are opened at rates of up to 98%. In comparison, emails are opened only 20% of the time. By sending appointment reminders through text messaging, your clients will be more likely to view the reminder and attend appointments on time. 

2. Fill your calendar when a patient cancels an appointment.

If your patient cancels an appointment last minute, then you must find a way to fill the opening. Through PatientStudio’s secure messaging system, you are able to communicate directly with clients on your waitlist. 

All of these conversations can be transferred over to your electronic medical records or clinical notes all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. 

3. Increase productivity.

Traditionally, therapy practice management was performed by front office staff or by providers, depending on the size of the business. These healthcare professionals too often spent time attempting to contact patients through phone calls. 

With PatientStudio, you and your staff are able to open up more time for in-office visits and for patient management to enhance your clients’ experiences and treatments. Additionally, you will be able to engage with new patients by forwarding them to your website, allowing them to fill out any necessary intake forms or update existing patient information forms and to learn more about your business and the services you provide. 

4. Communicate effectively with your patients.

Patient experience is just as important as payment under a value-focused system, which means that you must ensure that you can communicate with your patients as effectively as possible. Small therapy businesses have been using text messaging to communicate with clients for some time, but the providers have had to record conversations manually into their patient management systems. 

However, PatientStudio makes this easy by integrating two-way texting technology into their software. This allows you to follow up with current clients without needing to worry about confidentiality issues or keeping track of multiple conversations. 

5. Retain current patients.

Market research shows that it is important for businesses to retain clients long-term in order to increase revenue. Patient experience is one of the most important aspects in retaining current clients. By contacting them through a method they prefer, effectively remind them of appointments and follow up with their care. You will be able to discuss any concerns that they have in a timely manner, which improves patient experience. 

6. Elicit positive reviews online.

Prospective clients often refer to online reviews to predict what quality treatment they will receive and how well front office staff address their concerns. By ensuring that your therapy practice is value-focused, you will improve client satisfaction. Through SMS messaging, you are able to refer current patients to a website that they may leave a review on. As a result, prospective clients will be attracted by the high number of positive reviews that your business has. 

Our two-way text messaging technology is integrated seamlessly, which makes it easier for you to use in your office. Retain your current clients by sending reminders through a method they will be most likely to view and by following up with them after each appointment. Patient satisfaction means that you will gain more recognition online and attract new clients. With the time that PatientStudio frees up for you and your staff, you will be able to increase your availability and add more appointment slots. 


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