Maximize your appointment calendar with improved visibility into your clinic's schedule and provider availability. 

PatientStudio Scheduling Tablet

Easy To Use

Our easy to use calendar and patient scheduling system allows you to quickly view the clinic schedule based on upcoming patients, specific providers or practice treatment rooms so that you can evaluate availability from a number of perspectives. Drag and drop capability makes the rescheduling process as simple as a click of your mouse. In addition, all changes to the practice schedule are propagated automatically through the entire PatientStudio system so that all patients and designated contacts are notified via their personal device.

The PatientStudio scheduling platform is a cloud based system which means that clinic staff can easily maintain a schedule of patients, therapists and exam rooms from any device. Our drag and drop system can be operated from a tablet, computer or smartphone and as a result designated office staff can have access to view or change the existing schedule at any time. Any changes made through our simple to manage drag and drop system will automatically update throughout the entire system, so that mistakes with scheduling conflicts are a thing of the past. 

Keeping a full appointment schedule has never been easier. In addition to an intuitive scheduling system, Patientstudio offers reminders that automatically deploy via both text and email. When a patient responds to the automated text office staff can respond through PatientStudio using two way text messaging. Easily reschedule patients and fill holes in the practice schedule with minimal input from front office personnel.

Easy to Schedule


PatientStudio practice management system provides automated solutions such as invites to complete applicable patient forms or text and email appointment reminders based on the appointment schedule.

In an effort to increase practice efficiency and patient experience, we have eliminated repetitive tasks and busy work by integrating patient intake form invites into our scheduling platform. Once a patient is entered into the drag and drop PatientStudio calendar, the system recognizes what patient intake forms are necessary for that patient to complete prior to their appointment. All paperwork is seamlessly deployed to the patient for completion at their leisure. 

Automatic appointment reminders and notifications are sent via text and email as the appointment time and date approaches. When or if a patient needs to cancel or reschedule, patients can respond directly to their reminder text where staff can make immediate changes to the calendar so that open appointment times  can be filled promptly. Finally, all appointment data and patient form information procured during the scheduling process is seamlessly synced to electronic patient charts or clinical notes without data entry often required by clinic staff.

Customized to your needs


During implementation your PatientStudio account manager will help your practice completely customize the scheduling system integrated into your new technology suite to include multiple providers, locations, rooms and any other scheduling rules your practice needs.

There is no need for your unique practice to function with a scheduling system that is built as a one size fits all model. Instead, PatientStudio sees that each clinic and practice is different, and as such needs technology that conforms to their personal needs. We collaborate with you to create a system that is intuitive to your practitioners, therapists, building, and staff so that when you use the system it makes perfect sense for your day to day operations. 

PatientStudio’s integrated scheduling system offers more advanced flexibility in scheduling variables and options. This means your schedule can have rules and options related to patient types, providers, treatments rooms and more. Our all-in-one calendar technology allows you to maintain each of these separate calendars through one comprehensive view. Our team thrives on building a system that supports you and your practice.

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