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Claims made easy

Revenue Cycle Management & Billing Services

Our billing experts will manage your entire billing process—from claim submission to payment collection.

Outsource Claims

Let the professionals take care of your claims.  Get back to running your practice.

Boost Profits

Improve revenue, accounts receivable and clean claim submission rates.

Full Service

Focus on providing care and growing your business while we handles the payers.

Reclaim your time and let us take care of the revenue cycle.

We'll handle your claims process


Medical Coding

Claims are checked for proper ICD-10 and  standard CPT codes.

Claim Scrubbing

Claims are checked for errors.  Procedure codes and modifiers are reviewed to ensure compliance with payer specific guidelines.

Claim Submission

After scrubbing of claim data, claims are submitted electronically to the payer and tracked.


Participant providers are affiliated with payer network for in-network claims processing.

Eligibility checks

Eligibility Checks are performed to verify patient insurance coverage, dates of coverage, copays and deductibles.

Payment Posting

Professional billers will post payments to patient account from EOBs, charge slips and other documentation.

Denial Management

Identify denial reasons, take corrective action and re-submit claims to improve payment recovery.

A/R Follow-Up

We monitor receivables and appeal to insurance companies and reach out to patient for outstanding dues.

RCM Reporting

See all of your practice's claims, collections, receivables and denials with average turnaround times and KPI's.

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Schedule your demo to get started with PatientStudio. Speak with a member of our team to get your questions answered and see a personalized tour of PatientStudio.