Outsourced Billing Servcies

Revenue Cycle Management

Our billing experts will manage your entire billing process—from claim submission to payment collection.

Outsource Claims

You are the expert at treating your clients and running your business. You don’t also need to be the expert in processing insurance claims. Focus your time on the treatment room, and our expert team, trained in the art and science of treatment claim management, will ensure that payments keep coming in.

Boost Profits

Leverage our experience translating evaluations and treatment notes into clean claim submissions! let our expert revenue cycle management team improve your accounts receivable. With a 98% clean claim rate, PatientStudio RCM services work to improve your practice profitability and your overall bottom line.

Full Service

Ever-changing healthcare regulations and reimbursement models can be a burden. Our team gives you peace of mind with over 30 years of experience with unique payer, regional and medicare requirements. We handle everything from submission to collection, our expert team takes the entire billing and collections process off your plate.

Reclaim your time and let us take care of the revenue cycle.

We'll handle your billing and claims


Medical Coding

Our team of claim coding specialists will check each of your patient records meticulously for proper ICD-10 and standard CPT codes. We ensure that your business receives maximum and timely payment for the treatment you deliver. Once familiarized with your treatment, documentation and procedures for all major insurance providers so that code based denials based are eliminated.

Claim Scrubbing

Each payer in the marketplace abides by a different and very complicated list of guidelines. We take time to make sure that each claim is completely free of errors. Our team of claim experts will “pre-scrub” reports, treatment codes and modifiers in order to ensure compliance with payer specific guidelines to flag issues prior to submission

Claim Submission

Never worry about submitting claims again! Our team of experts will review and submit your claims to thousands of payers. Our professionals will review, correct, and resubmit rejected or denied claims. After better understanding your practice our experts can provide direct feedback to help increase your billing efficiency. Gain peace of mind and Get back to what’s really important: your clients and running your business


Provider credentialing is necessary to receive in-network reimbursement from payers. The ability to accept patient insurance plans is essential for the success of your practice in today’s environment. Our system ensures that participant providers are affiliated with payer networks for consistent in-network claims processing.

Eligibility checks

Eligibility checks are performed in real time to verify patient insurance coverage, dates of coverage, copays and deductibles. Oftentimes, as a therapist or provider, treatment decisions can be guided by the coverage available for reimbursement by a patient’s insurance provider.  Because eligibility checks can be completed in a matter of seconds, eligibility can be determined prior to evaluations or treatment. 

Payment Posting

Our team of professional billers will automatically post payments made to client accounts. Included in patient records will be an explanation of benefits, charge slips detailing any notes taken during the process of collecting on the claim as well as any other documentation which would provide a detailed picture of the claim management process.

Denial Management

Because of our meticulous attention to detail and education on insurance providers, the vast majority of claims submitted through our service are paid promptly after the first filing. In the event that a claim is denied, our team identifies mistakes prior to claim submission and identifies root cause of claim denials, corrects any errors or oversights which may have occurred, and performs corrective action. Re-submission of claims often results in a payment recovery.

A/R Follow-Up

No more calling payers, tracking down claims, or reaching out to patients for outstanding balances. Our expert accounts receivable team is on staff to monitor all claims, denials, and balances to detect issues as they occur. Get all the benefits; Claims never go missing, quick follow-up on claim denials, recovery of overdue payment, limits on outstanding accounts, and ultimately financial security for your practice

RCM Reporting

You and your office staff can easily monitor all aspects of revenue management.  See the status of all treatment claims, collections, and receivables. In addition, you will have access to information regarding all denials and will be notified periodically of average turnaround times. We provide real-time data because outsourcing your billing system does not mean you should lose visibility of your key performance indicators and financial position.

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