Track every detail with 

 Patient Profiles

Patient Profiles shows the big picture (and little details) without having to comb through multiple systems.  

Patient Profile Illustration

Track Communications

Track calls, texts, files and all your friendly interactions exactly where you need it. 

Appointment History 

Keep an eye on patient appointment history, reschedules and treatment plans all in one place.

Families & Caregivers

Easily manage family, guardians, or caregiver relationships.  Great for pediatrics and geriatrics!

Never let a detail fall through the cracks

Track communications

When you’re organized, your patients have a great experience. Keep all your patient interactions in one place and never ask for the same info twice.

appointment history

Gain full visibility and control of scheduling, rescheduling and treatment plans.  See how easy it is to manage appointments. 

famies and relationships

Easily manage or schedule appointments for patients with children, dependents or the entire family!


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"Our patients are much happier.  PatientStudio has been such an important asset to our ENT practice..."

Mary Kay

Practice Manager

"What can I say except this has been an amazing benefit to our office!  We could not ask for anything better."

Melissa Kania

Practice Manager

"This is one of the simplest solutions for so many facets of my practice.  Thank you PatientStudio!"

Foster Malmed

Practice Owner

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