Revolutionize your Physical Therapy EHR

Benjamin "The Clark Side" Dickinson
March 8, 2022

You’re a hard working medical professional, so shouldn’t your bookkeeping be easier? Electronic EHRs dramatically improved the functionality of practicing physical therapy, but recently even more technological advances mean that you can do better. You have the EHRs themselves, appointments, billing, communication, and referrals and authorizations all split up. They all have their own separate programs, programs you likely have to learn, relearn, and pay for. It should be all in one place, in one program, for one price. Exit generic SOAP note templates. Enter Patient Studio with a Physical Therapy EHR that can address many of the needs of your practice.

What is a Physical Therapy EHR?

Patient Studio’s Physical Therapy EHR is an all in one software system custom made for your practice to keep your medical information streamlined. Everything you need to remember about your patient is contained within a specific patient’s profile. All contact information, appointment history, billing information and much more.


Your scheduling is going to be tight. There’s no getting around it, not in this field. Your goal is to fit as many patients into one day as possible, and why shouldn’t you? It helps you and them! What doesn’t help them is getting mismanaged. Has it really been 2 months since their last checkup? Or was it 3? Wait, is sweet old Mrs. Johnson coming in today?The constant questions associated with managing appointments can lead to stress for you,, your coworkers, and the patients. If you can’t keep your schedule straight, you look disorganized to your patients and your boss. 

PatientStudio’s streamlined EHR system can help to keep your appointments organized You can easily reference anything on record.You’ll see that it has been 2 months since their last checkup and they’re due for a visit on Monday. You’ll recall that sweet old Mrs. Johnson is coming tomorrow, not today. Mixup avoided.


Additionally, PatientStudio’s Physical Therapy EHR is totally integrated into the practice management system. For you, that means anything you document within the EHR like new referrals or updated pre-authorizations will be automatically forwarded to your billing department. They get to make their billing request ASAP, so you get your money ASAP and lower the risk of claim denial.


So that your documentation adequately reflects your practice needs,, PatientStudio’s Physical Therapy EHR is completely customizable. Arrange an EHR in whatever order you like for ease of use. Does your patient prefer to be contacted by phone? Slide their phone number up to the top of their record so it’s the first thing you see. Do they prefer email instead? Make sure the address field is the first thing you see on the document. Do they have an allergy to any medications? Definitely make sure this information is easily accessible within the document.


PatientStudio’s Physical Therapy EHR has additional benefits, like improved communication between office staff as well as with patients.. The simple fact that all updates are automatically pushed throughout the entire system means that everyone can remain educated on a specific patient’s status (do they need pre-authorization, do they need to schedule another appointment, should billing procedures be initiated, etc.).. You make your communication clearer by being able to simply access the all in one patient portal and find the answer you are looking for. The knowledge of your patient will feel more comfortable and your patients will pick up on that and also feel comfortable.


Thanks to Patient Studio’s Physical Therapy EHR’s inventive design, you can easily share a patient’s information with other doctors. If the patient has an emergency, they can breathe a sigh of relief at the speed at which new providers or healthcare systems can access all of their information And you keep up with their updates as well, since you’re both working with the same collection of information.

Environmental Concerns

The PatientStudio Physical Therapy EHR, by its nature, reduces paper waste. By going completely electronic, your practice cuts out unnecessary paper use. No more printing and reprinting patient files or pediatric SOAP notes, meaning you even save on ink. Save on paper, save on ink, and you save green (both money AND the environment).

Patient Care

By using PatientStudio’s Physical Therapy EHR, you ensure better overall care of your patients. With clear lines of communication and collaboration you’ll reduce incidences of medical error dramatically. Just having the EHR so conveniently available to you and your staff clears confusion that could otherwise arise from flipping through too many pages and files.

Additionally, you reduce other errors. Duplicate tests will practically disappear. Delays in treatment will be drastically reduced, if not disappear altogether. That saves time for both the provider and patients..

Patient Involvement

With the help of PatientStudio’s Physical Therapy EHR, you can foster a sense of community with your patients. Through the simple act of allowing the patient to see their records, and making them available to other trusted medical professionals (as needed), you cultivate a small group. You, your coworkers, and the patient can form common ground, making them feel safe and familiar.

Proof Of Professionalism

The virtues of PatientStudio’s Physical Thereapy EHR can also extend to you. How? Because it can help the entire staff remain much more organized and, it keeps your entire practice as professional as it can be as a result. This is more than just something you can boast about, but something you can prove and then use to promote your practice. Everyone wants to go to the practice with the most proven track record.

The sheer volume of innovative, revolutionary, game changing qualities of PatientStudio’s Physical Therapy EHR can allow your practice to function at its best.. Its organizational prowess reaches far beyond just your day-to-day activities and procedures. It trickles down into how you interact with your patient and your staff. It familiarizes you and your staff with your patient. It provides you with all the record keeping you need, cuts out SOAP notes (and all the waste that goes with them), and makes you the most professional, practice out there. Find out how PatientStudio can help your practice flourish by scheduling a demo today.


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