PatientStudio Helps Urgent Care Screen For Coronavirus

Patient Studio
July 31, 2020

The Story

Your Family Walk-In Clinic is a primary and urgent care clinic serving the Lutz and Tampa, Florida region.  With over 25 years of experience, Your Family Walk-In Clinic is committed to providing affordable, convenient, and high quality family medical care for their community.

Open from 8am to 8pm everyday, patients can come to Your Family Walk-In for services ranging from exams and labs to immunizations and physicals.  

In response to the COVID-19, Your Family Walk-In began to offer rapid COVID testing to better serve their community.  The next day, practice manager Dan Cooley noticed a line of cars backed up down the street all trying to get to the parking lot. This made it clear there was a real need for testing.

The Problem

The clinic was prepared to begin testing and took every CDC recommended precaution to thoroughly disinfect all patient surfaces and waiting areas throughout the day.  However, collecting patient information and screening questionnaires became a challenge.  When they started testing, patients had to complete physical intake paperwork with pen and paper.  This time consuming process created a backup of patients in the waiting room and at the front desk.  Dan decided to change procedure and had patients complete paperwork while remaining in their vehicles.  

Urgent Care Screen for Corona Virus

Your Family Walk-in Clinic Lutz, Florida

This change promoted social distancing, but the passing of paper, clipboards, and pens created unnecessary contact risk. Regardless of whether it was happening in the office or in their vehicles, completing paperwork was both unsafe and inefficient. This limited the number of patients the clinic could see and delayed people getting the tests they needed.

The Solution

Dan scheduled a demo with PatientStudio to see how online patient forms could increase efficiency and screen for coronavirus while keeping patients and staff safe.  After a comprehensive overview of the platform, Dan was impressed by how the forms looked, especially on mobile, and excited by how affordable of a solution it was.

The PatientStudio team did the work to convert the paperwork at Your Family Walk-In into online patient intake forms.  This way Dan and his team could keep helping patients while his forms were being created. 

With the new platform in place all patients that have a scheduled appointment are automatically sent an email with their digital forms.  As a result, 90% of patients completed their intake forms and screening prior to arrival. 

COVID screening and urgent care patients can easily complete paperwork on their phone or personal device by going to the Your Family Walk-In Clinic website and clicking the “patient paperwork” link. 

Dan and clinic staff were thrilled to see that patients could submit basic info as well as complete questionnaires and coronavirus screening forms from their phone. Patients could easily take a picture of their drivers license and/or insurance information and submit forms electronically. 

“Patient Studio has helped us speed up our intake time and reduce cost,” Dan said. “With today’s Covid concerns our patients love being able to fill their paperwork online from home or their car before their appointment. Our staff doesn’t struggle reading the handwritten forms from patients and can simply click and drag all the needed information into our EMR.”

This process change allowed the clinic to screen for coronavirus before being seen and take extra precautions when necessary.  Considering PatientStudio is a contactless solution the amount of exposure between patients and staff (or patient to patient) is minimized.  

The use of PatientStudio online patient forms has allowed Your Family Walk-In to see more patients, pre-screen patients for and keep their community safe.    

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