Patient Scheduling and Appointment Calendar Explained

November 9

The therapy practice management software you use is an integral part of your physical therapy office. Without it, scheduling pt sessions would be a nightmare and patients could easily fall through the cracks. As technology advances, therapy practices are upgrading their software to make their offices simpler and more efficient like never before. Completely integrated therapy practice management systems take all the hassle out of physical therapy scheduling by giving you one place to manage everything from session notes to patient data – in this video, the head product manager at PatientStudio, Derek Sanborn, walks you through some of the ways in which an integrated scheduling system can revolutionize your therapy practice management.

Patient Scheduling

As Derek mentioned in the video, not all patient scheduling systems are created equal. The PatientStudio system is unique because it is fully integrated into the entire physical therapy practice management system and therefore can ensure ultimate organization, reduce scheduling conflicts and eliminate missed patient appointments.

Stay Organized

Any provider or front office manager can tell you that having an organized central schedule is essential to making sure that each day patients are present in the office runs smoothly. It is also essential to make sure that all therapy practices are running at peak performance.

The PatientStudio system not only keeps the schedule organized for each individual provider but it assimilates all schedules from each provider in your practice as well as any additional offices so that when changes are made at one location they are accessible to anyone with access to the schedule. The scheduling system is also integrated with online patient forms, clinical notes, and billing system so that information doesn’t need to be transferred from one system to another. This type of organizational system is cutting edge and takes the capacity for digital organization to a whole new level.

Reduces Patient Scheduling Conflicts

Log jams in a therapy office’s day to day practice is often based on mistakes in scheduling or overbooking patients. When therapy practice management software is completely integrated it can help with this problem. The system holds all of the information about patients and therapy appointments in one place that everyone on staff has access to so there are no mix ups or confusion. If a patient schedule changes at another location, it will be updated online immediately so your office reflects the correct information for each patient and each provider.

Many providers we have spoken with through our work at PatientStudio have expressed that the problems they find with online scheduling tools is the capacity for error in transfer of the information. Based on this concern, we have created a revolutionary tool that allows for seamless scheduling from any location or device so that the ability to overbook or double book is essentially eliminated. We have also made the system simple to configure so that parameters for providers are easy to set and adjust, guaranteeing that a patient doesn’t show up for a provider when he or she is not available.

Patients never fall through the cracks

Every therapist in private practice can agree that the key to a successful business is making sure that patients feel valued and never slip through the cracks that can develop in an unorganized patient management system. Practices that have chosen online options like an appointment request form or a stand alone self scheduler have certainly experienced the pain of a missed patient request or an incorrectly transcribed appointment. Succeeding at the business of operating a physical therapy practice requires patient loyalty, and that is difficult to cultivate when errors in scheduling occur.

By moving into a new generation of online patient scheduling capability, like that provided by PatientStudio, self scheduling by patients and changes to schedule by staff are compiled in one centralized location. Because all changes, whether by practice staff or patients, are viewable by any device within the system mistakes and errors in patient scheduling are virtually eliminated. When patients are able to have autonomy of their visits to your office, and feel valued by your practice because they are expected and welcomed each time they walk through the door, they are much more likely to remain loyal to your pt clinic in the long term.

An automated scheduling system is essential to the modern operation of a physical therapy practice. The team at PatientStudio, including Derek, have listened to providers and staff within the industry and developed a system that meets the needs of the twenty first century pt clinic.

If you have any questions about any of the other features designed to make practice management intuitive and seamless, set up a time to get a full demo of PatientStudio. Look out for the next video in our series on how our PatientStudio can improve the day to day function of your practice.

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