“Patient of the Month” –  Powerful Marketing with eNewsletters

Most website designers and developers will explain that your website will be more effective if you get patients and potential patients visiting your website often, so try to find ways of enticing them to return, such as changing content, posting articles of interest and/or offering promotions. However, regardless of the content or how spectacular your website may be, it is still static – you are depending on people to remember that you have a website and to wake up one morning with the thought, “I think I will visit Dr. John Doe’s website today.” Don’t hold your breath.

Just to be clear, I’m am not opposed to medical or dental websites – websites can be great in attracting new patients and providing important information to patients with specific needs.

However, if you want to market to existing patients and leverage them to send in their friends, then you need some other modality. Regularity and consistency are two very important components to successful marketing that a website won’t provide.

I’m speaking about eNewsletters. These are proactive. Instead of waiting for patients to come to you [visit website], you should go to them and promote yourself on a consistent and regular basis – once a month has been shown to be effective without going overboard.

PatientStudio offers an eNewsletter as a standalone service and/or the eNewsletter is included with PatientStudio’s online forms service at no extra cost. The eNewsletter has holiday and birthday wishes and libraries of pre-written articles from which to choose. A practice can also write its own articles, making it easy to market and publicize your own promotions.

Here’s an example of a creative practice builder. Choose a patient whom you like and can see from the schedule will be coming in soon. Approach them and say, “We so much enjoy having you as patient that the office has chosen you as ‘patient of the month’ and would like to honor you in our newsletter.” Get about a paragraph of information about their background and take a digital photo of them (smart phone will work well).

You can type the paragraph into your PatientStudio private library and upload the image from your computer. For other patients who receive the eNewsletter and know that person, it’s like a 3rd party endorsement of your practice, even though you are highlighting the patient. And here’s the best part, you can be assured that the patient will forward the eNewsletter to many friends and family who are probably not your patients…yet.

For access to our eNewsletter white paper with many other suggested promotions, click here.


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