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Increase practice profitability and decrease denials with integrated claims submission.

One Click Claim Submission

Quickly generate claims from patient notes.  PatientStudio seamlessly connects your documentation, scheduling, and billing so you can ensure correct and efficient claim submission. With auto-eligibility checks and code scrubbing you’ll never have to worry about entering the wrong code or wasting time on double data-entry.

Integrated Processes

Integrated Process

Our web billing system is integrated with your practice schedule, electronic patient forms and clinical notes which leads to reduced errors and decreased denials. In the past, many office hours were spent performing data entry to transfer information from one system to another in order to comply with rigid insurance requirements. With the use of our integrated billing, patient notes, evaluations and claims are seamlessly submitted electronically and as a result there is no need to fax hard copies of forms. Because PatientStudio allows for such thorough documentation, claims are processed and paid much more quickly with far fewer denials or requests for additional documentation. 

Boost Profits

Boost Profits

PatientStudio has proven effective for our clients in not only cutting down on manual processing but also improving clean claim submission rates. Our system ensures that payments are improved, denials are dramatically reduced and collections are maximized leading to a more profitable bottom line.  

No more searching for patient data, claim statuses, or payments.  All of your billing information in once place, including claims data, processing statuses, payments and more.  Patient Studio's built-in claim scrubbing and code validation system helps you submit claims accurately on the first try, increasing clean claim submission rate and accelerating the time to get paid.

Processing claims through one completely integrated and automated system reduces error by synchronizing patient information from initial intake paperwork, through scheduling and treatment documentation.

Streamline your billing process and eliminate data entry by automatically populating claims from patient information and SOAP notes.

Increase Efficiency

PatientStudio has created a clearinghouse agnostic technology that is capable of translating claims for each specified insurance provider directly from integrated SOAP notes and documentation. Our customized clinical notes are integral in ensuring that no steps are missed during evaluation or treatment, and as a result insurance providers are much more likely to pay claims on the first submission, instead of repeatedly denying claims for additional information.  Eligibility is auto-checked, claims are scrubbed and submitted electronically through integrated clearinghouses and invoices are automatically sent to patients. 

Keep all of your billing information in once place, including claims data, processing statuses, payments and more. Because claim are easily generated from treatment notes and evaluations and automatically updated with relevant patient information, there is never a concern of entering an incorrect code or losing precious time because of tedious data entry.

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