Mailing Forms to Patients – Is this Working?

Why waste time with a costly, outdated method of mailing paperwork to patients to obtain their personal and medical information? Do you want to be paying staff to make copies of the forms, place them in an envelope with a cover letter, seal, address and stamp the envelope and finally transport the letters to the post office to be mailed?

Our research has shown that many patients who receive and fill out forms forget to bring the completed forms to their first appointment. When they arrive, they are asked to complete forms again. They are annoyed even though it was their fault and the office schedule is already behind and late since the patient didn’t come in early.

Even the best possible scenario doesn’t work. The patient actually arrives with completed forms on the day of their appointment. Start the clock. How much time is wasted by not having the information ahead of time? The front office staff has to scan each page and they are scanning handwriting that is difficult if not impossible to read. The patient’s insurance may have to be validated. The staff and the doctor have to quickly read the forms, maybe make some notes and prepare to follow up with some questions to the patient. Patient flow and your office schedule is now backed up 15-30 minutes.

Are you tired of “shooting yourself in the foot?” Let PatientStudio make life easier for you and your practice.


PatientStudio online forms is a process of sending a welcome letter to the patient with a link to your forms; tracking to whom you sent the forms; tracking the patient’s progress; and automatically reminding the patient by email or texting, if the form is not timely submitted.

PatientStudio has BIG advantages for your practice – receive printed, legible information; validate patient’s insurance and red-flag medical problems before the patient arrives; drastically reduces first appointment no-shows; eliminates scanning; patient’s signature electronically captured; HIPAA compliant.

PatientStudio true online forms are a better way of accomplishing the same tasks with much better results. See how much time and income you have been losing by clicking on this link to the PatientStudio ROI calculator.


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