Is Paper Killing Your Patient Flow?

Patient Studio
June 20, 2019

Do your patients have to fill out a form like the one below? Submitting the same information over and over again—information that clinic employees must then spend time reviewing and transcribing into patient records?  Have you tried online patient forms?

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The Problem:

Paper forms and PDFs are causing a disruption in patient flow from the very beginning.  As any practice manager would tell you, there is a low likelihood that a patient prints, fills and actually bring their forms with them to an appointment on time.  With the likelihood of a patient already running late this puts unnecessary burden on from office staff to input patient data and keep the the schedule running smooth.  

The Solution:

Online patient forms or intake management can be a simple solution to the inefficiencies caused by paper and (often times messy) handwriting.  This simple change can have a major impact on duplication, data storage, data transcription, churn, late or no-show appointments and more.

In addition to increased office efficiency your patients will appreciate it too.  In a recent survey 50% of patients said they would leave their current physician for a better digital experience.  This modern foundation of patient engagement can have major financial impacts.

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