Schedule more patients.

Self scheduling that is available 24/7.  Make it easy to schedule more patients by removing all barriers.

Schedule More Patients

Remove Scheduling Barriers

Make it as easy as possible for patients to book an appointment.  Forcing patients into a phone call can have a dramatically negative impact on your scheduling rate.  

Available 24/7

Don't let your office hours dictate when a patient can connect with you.  1 in 5 patients say having to wait for a practice to open is their biggest pain when scheduling appointments.  34 percent of new patients make an appointment outside of standard business hours.

Your patients prefer it

Nearly 70 percent of patients say their more likely to choose a provider that offers the ability to books change or cancel appointments online. 81 percent of patients would schedule a doctor’s appointment online if they could.

Ready to Run Your Practice With Ease?

Get started in minutes by watching a demo of PatientStudio.  See how easy your day can be.