Creating More Treatment Time Without Expanding Office Hours

20 - Creating more treatment time
Online Patient Forms are the Answer

In most businesses, you have to work harder and longer hours to increase your income. Some medical and dental offices try to create more treatment time by working straight thru lunch and “squeezing” in additional patients when it is unwarranted. Often, this is actually less productive.

There are many studies showing that the increased stress on the doctor and staff who don’t take appropriate breaks leads to less production and greater mistakes, and they never reach their optimal performance level.

New Patients

New patients come in late, forget their forms, or fill out pages illegibly. Even one late patient causes the rest of the day to run late, frustrating patients, making staff unhappy and leaving less time for doctors to spend with patients; this snowball effect often leads to other patients having a bad experience. Our current customers, prior to using Patient Studio’s online forms, estimate that they were wasting an average of 20 minutes per new patient.

Whether patients are filling out their paperwork at the same time as their appointment, completing them at home after receiving them in the mail from your office and/or downloading PDF forms from your website to fill out and bring to their first appointment, headaches are created for the entire staff and time that could have been used for treatment has vanished. The forms have to be scanned into your EMR or practice management software; some staff may prescreen the information and the doctor has to quickly read and evaluate the provided information, often from difficult to read forms, before speaking with the patient.

PatientStudio Online Forms Saves Time

PatientStudio online forms is a process of sending a welcome letter to the patient with a link to your forms; tracking to whom you sent the forms; tracking the patient’s progress; and automatically reminding the patient by email or texting, if the form is not timely submitted. The objective is to receive the patient’s paperwork prior to their appointment.

PatientStudio has BIG advantages for your practice – receive printed, legible information; validate patient’s insurance and red-flag medical problems before the patient arrives; drastically reduces first appointment no-shows; eliminates scanning; patient’s signature electronically captured; is HIPAA compliant.

Bottom Line

The doctor will have more relaxed time to talk with the patient or perform treatment. Even if they choose to just “take a break” with this “extra” time, the doctor and staff will get more accomplished during the day.

To see how this relates to time and increased income check out the PatientStudio ROI calculator


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