An Even Better Approach to Appointment Reminders

December 6

Anyone with experience in the medical or therapy industry is very well versed in the importance of appointment reminders. Making sure that clients are aware of their appointments and are on time is essential to the smooth day to day operation of any clinic or office. This task used to be accomplished through appointment slips and phone calls from staff that would waste countless man hours weekly and then moved on to a form email that could just as simply be relegated to the spam folder. 

In the past several years, appointment reminders has been one area where almost every therapy practice has adopted modern technology in the form of text reminders. In a world where we are all handcuffed to our mobile device, the best form of communication with patients is through text, but not all patient texting systems are created equal. In the next installment of our video series, lead product developer at PatientStudio Derek Sanborn talks over the necessity of appointment reminders. 

How can a system like PatientStudio address the holes that still exist in the current medical texting landscape? 

Many PT providers that we speak with believe that the stand alone texting platform their office uses to confirm patient appointments is the height of technology. While the ability to text patients for confirmation has certainly reduced patient no shows for most clinics, the action of rescheduling or canceling an appointment still needs to be manually executed because the texting platform is not integrated into the overall practice management system. But now there is a better way.

Text message technology that can remind patients of their appointments can now be a small but important piece of the patient workflow for your office. In the next video of this series, Derek will discuss how efficient it can be to use a software system that merges text messaging capabilities into the software that also manages your schedule, EHR and billing.

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