3 Tips for Making a Healthy Work Environment at Your Healthcare Practice

Because your healthcare practice is designed to make your patients healthier, it sends a bad message if your employees aren’t healthy. When your employees are feeling their best, the highest quality of work is performed. Here’s a look at how you can encourage a healthy workplace and why you should do so.


Do your employees know what their job descriptions are? Do they know what needs to happen in your healthcare practice in order for it to be profitable? If they don’t, then it’s time to step up your communication practices. Open, respectful communication makes an office’s workflow smoother. It also gives people specific feedback on what they can do to improve. Additionally, communication goes both ways. You should encourage your employees to bring issues to you that need to be resolved. For example, anonymous suggestion boxes allow employees to give managers feedback about work systems that aren’t working without fear of retaliation. Your best employees often see issues that you don’t. Left unchecked, these issues can affect the emotional health of your company.

Encourage Group Activities

Health and wellness-based group activities encourage employees to play together. These activities promote teamwork, goodwill and fitness. Organizing them also sends a message to your employees that you really do value workplace wellness. Fortunately, this can be a goal that’s fairly easy to achieve. There are plenty of healthy challenges that can even improve your employee’s overall wellness. For example, you might start a weekly fitness challenge that includes prizes. You could even hire a yoga instructor to come in to give classes a couple of times a week. The best strategy is to ask your employees for ideas. Doing this ensures that they are even more engaged in your workplace wellness plans.

Discourage Overwork

It seems counterproductive, but employees who aren’t overworked actually get more done. However, when deadlines become tight, it’s easy to forget this. Additionally, many managers lean too heavily on their star employees, expecting workloads from them that they don’t expect from other employees. In effect, these employees are actually being punished for being good workers by being assigned more work because the boss knows they’ll do it. This practice eventually leads to burnout. No healthy workplace can include an environment that encourages employee burnout. If you want to discourage this practice, then create policies that restrict overworking and that promote work-life balance.

Community healthcare organizations should be the place people go to learn about health. These organizations should lead by example, meaning that it’s difficult to encourage clients to adopt a healthy lifestyle if the people who work at the healthcare practice aren’t healthy. Workplace health and wellness plans encourage healthier work environments, better productivity, and provide excellent examples for the clients in their care.


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