Expecting Patients to Bring in Their Completed Forms?

medicalAre you sending patients to your website to download PDF forms, fill them out and bring them to their first visit? Or are you mailing hard copies of your forms to patients and asking them to complete and bring the forms to their appointment?

If the answer to either question is YES, then you need to ask yourself a question. Why am I choosing to use old technology that can become a practice management nightmare?

Having PDF forms on your website is like shooting yourself in the foot – it slows down the process of collecting information; you receive forms with illegible handwriting; our research has shown that at least 25% of your patients forget to bring the completed form with them; and it’s hard to keep track of which patients have outstanding forms. To understand this in more detail, click here for the white paper, Online Forms vs. PDF Forms Online.” 

When the patient forgets to bring completed forms to the appointment, even though it’s their fault, they are annoyed that you are asking them to fill out another set of forms; and to make matters worse, since they were not scheduled to come in early for the “paperwork,” patient flow and your office schedule has been backed up 15-30 minutes.

If you have been mailing forms to the patient as an alternative, not only do you have the same problems as just described, but you have the additional time and cost of making copies of the forms, placing them in an envelope with a cover letter, sealing, addressing and stamping the envelope and finally getting it to the mailman or post office to be mailed.

Either process puts additional stress on your front office staff who have to take the time to scan every page and import the information into your EMR or practice management software, when the completed forms arrive with the patient.

PatientStudio online forms is a process of sending a welcome letter to the patient with a link to your forms; tracking to whom you sent the forms; tracking the patient’s progress ; and automatically reminding the patient by email or texting, if the form is not timely submitted.

PatientStudio has BIG advantages for your practice – receive printed, legible information; validate patient’s insurance and red-flag medical problems before the patient arrives; drastically reduces first appointment no-shows; eliminates scanning; patient’s signature electronically captured; HIPAA compliant.

PatientStudio true online forms are a better way of accomplishing the same tasks with much better results. See how much time and income you have been losing by clicking on this link to the PatientStudio ROI calculator.


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