Complete Practice Management Software

Complete practice management software

"All-in-one" EMR Software.  Integrated Scheduling, Texting, Patient Forms, Documentation and Billing, in one easy-to-use web platform.

"All-in-one" EMR Software.  Integrated Scheduling, Texting, Patient Forms, Documentation and Billing, in one easy-to-use web platform.


Here's why providers ❤️ PatientStudio

"Our patients are happier. PatientStudio has been such a great partner and important asset to our ENT practice... PatientStudio has been a welcomed addition to our daily process!" 

Mary Kay, Practice Manager

"Awesome product! User friendly and great customer service!  We have a big specialty medical practice and PatientStudio has helped immensely in preparing patients (and us) for their appointments."

CJ Crompton, Practice Manager


Automate Patient Data and Reduce The Burden of Administrative Tasks

Appointment Scheduling

Maximize your appointment calendar with improved visibility into your clinic's schedule and provider availability. View and schedule appointments across many providers, rooms or locations to ensure a steady patient flow.

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Through an easy and accessible office scheduling system, it is simple to find appointment availability for applicable providers, locations and appointment types. PatientStudio’s fully automated scheduling system is viewable on multiple devices (pc, tablet, phone) so as an office manager or practitioner you will have the ability to view and adjust scheduling throughout your busy day. Our integrated calendar makes it easy for front office staff or providers to easily drag and drop reschedule appointments.


Online Patient Forms

Automatically invite patients to complete patient intake online. Custom digital paperwork can be completed and submitted using a smartphone or personal device. The patient's data will sync directly to their patient chart.

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PatientStudio’s fully integrated patient intake form is completely customizable to your practice. Reduce patient wait time and office delays by utilizing a HIPAA compliant intake software that will collect relevant medical information, applicable identification cards and insurance information. New patient intake can be accomplished prior to the first appointment. 

Because our technology allows relevant patient data to directly import into our EHR system, the antiquated process of printing a PDF and performing manual entry of all intake form information is no longer necessary. 

Texts & Reminders

Reduce no-shows with perfectly timed patient reminders via email and text message. Patients and staff can communicate, confirm or reschedule with two-way text messaging.

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PatientStudio SMS texting is fully customizable and integrated with office appointment scheduling software. This means that when a patient cancels or reschedules, through text, the change can easily be propagated throughout the scheduling platform. Office staff and practitioners will be made aware of the change on the practice schedule.  Last minute opening that needs go be filled?  Easily text patients to fill your practice schedule.



Easily generate claims from patient notes and suggested ICD-10 codes. Automatically scrub and submit claims electronically. Services to manage your entire billing process—from submission to payment collection.

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With unlimited insurance claim submissions, eligibility verification, and integrated clearinghouse, PatientStudio enables you to maximize your billing revenue with minimal office staff processing time.  Because PatientStudio seamlessly connects your documentation, scheduling, and billing, you can submit claims quickly and accurately.  

Too busy to handle your own billing?  Let us help! In addition to our easy to learn and simple to use billing software which offers tools that connect to EMR data and provider notes so that coding and submission is extremely efficient, you can also send all your insurance claim processing to our experienced staff. Get paid faster by outsourcing your entire revenue cycle management to our team of experienced billing professionals.  We will manage your billing process — from claim submission to payment collection.

Charting & Documentation

Quickly create defensible, legible, and comprehensive clinical notes with documentation templates, assessment reports and pre-populated patient data.

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Because every practice and provider is different, PatientStudio has created a technology that allows for completely customizable SOAP note templates. As the industry standard, SOAP notes have decreased confusion in charting as well as the incidence of non payment from insurance providers. That does not mean that every patient chart needs to look the same. With PatientStudio, EHR data such as assessment and treatment information are formulated to each provider’s specifications, and are automatically fillable with any data provided by patients on intake forms including medical history. These features make the PatientStudio system revolutionary for every member of the practice from the provider to the receptionist.

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   Automate the flow of your patient data from scheduling and patient intake forms all the way to documentation and billing.

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Main Benefits

In the past, practice management systems have been disjointed and one size fits all. PatientStudio looks at the needs of your particular clinic or office and builds a fully integrated and intuitive system to your specifications.

PatientStudio is an all inclusive practice management system that includes all these features and many more so that more of the valuable time of office staff and providers can be directed toward high quality patient care.

Appointment software that is available on any platform and reflective of your needs as a practice.

Two-way text message capability to not only remind patients of upcoming appointments, and provide capability for cancellation and rescheduling, but also interfaces with scheduling software to provide instant updates to practice staff.

Completely customized patient information forms that allow new and returning patients to complete paperwork from the comfort of their home, including the upload of all identification and insurance information that is absolutely secure and HIPAA compliant

Billing capability that is automated and secure for both insurance portion and patient responsibility and collects payment from each responsible party seamlessly

Auto-fill documentation that is customized to your specification so that each time you see a patient your SOAP note template is intuitive and includes all pertinent patient information like name and birthdate but also relevant medical history.

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everything your clinic needs, from appointments to claims, in one intuitive system.

Everything your office needs to make your patient interactions pleasant and productive. Get all the tools you need for an efficient patient flow in one easy to use system.

All-in-one Software

Patient Engagement

Use modern tools to communicate and have patients complete intake forms before the appointment.

Electronic Health Record

Efficiently chart and document clinical notes with templates and data that flows from your other tools.

Billing and Claims

Manage your entire billing process—from claim submission to payment collection.

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